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***Made to order with 100% Organic, Human Grade Ingredients ***Don't Forget the TREATS😍

Organic Dog treats-Dogs For The Earth-Organic Beef and Pumpkin Dog Treats-Treats for picky eaters-
Made in USA
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Beef and Pumpkin Organic Dehydrated Dog Treats

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100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Treats - only 2 ingredients both Organic: Beef and Pumpkin.

Made with human-grade ingredients! 

Best tasting, healthy dog treats for dogs that won’t eat.

100% organic dog treats are a better choice for dogs with allergies.

Lean human-grade meat for over-weight dogs.

Dog treats without processing, without toxins and additives that can cause tear stains.

OUR #1 INGREDIENT IS BEEF - 100% ORGANIC Pasture Raised, Grass-Fed on Sustainable, Ethical Farms. 

Dogs For The Earth Beef & Pumpkin, Human-Grade Organic Dehydrated Dog Treats are 100% Organic, handmade in our 5 star restaurant quality kitchen.

We are dedicated to excellent quality, excellent health and excellent service.

Our dogs are the loves of our lives, we cuddle, kiss and adore them every day.  The most important thing we can do for our dogs is to give them the best nourishment possible.

Every single dog food and treat we make is Organic, Human-Grade, Dehydrated, Handmade and Healthy. We will never compromise our quality for profits or make excuses for synthetic additives or chemical, heat or toxic processing. Nothing dangerous or unhealthy EVER goes into Dogs For The Earth.

Speaking of our Beef's Organic!

White Oak Pastures is a 150-year-old multigenerational family farm that cooperates with nature to produce artisan products. They work hard to ensure that all their production practices are Fair, Sustainable, and Humane. They never fail to conduct business in an honorable manner, for the sake of animals, land, and people who produce and consume our goods. And of course, all the beef they supply us is 100% ORGANIC. NO Euthanasia Drugs EVER!

Dogs For The Earth organic dog food and treats contain No Grain, GMO Free, No Corn, No Soy, No Junk, Gluten Free, No Pesticides, No Preservatives, No Chemicals. It's a Natural Dog Treat!

Our organic dehydrated treats are great for picky dogs and dogs that won't eat because people quality ingredients smell delicious. Tastes just like people food because it is, only it’s made for dogs. Dogs may not understand there are zero chemicals and additives, that there is no processing of ingredients but picky dogs can certainly SMELL & TASTE the difference. So when your picky dog picks us, they won’t be picky about their treats anymore! (Can’t make any promises about what sweater they’ll want to wear, though.)

This is a good treat for overweight dogs, like our organic dehydrated food, it helps your dietary pursuits because it’s made from the leanest meat and pumpkin.


There will be noticeable differences between biscuits. This is a good thing!  No processing or alteration of ingredients takes place so the inherent natural qualities will show thru in our finished products.  For example, one apple may be more red than another, or a carrot more orange or some spinach darker than others. 

So don't worry if our products seem to vary sometimes in color or texture - its a good thing! 

One Size Only. Net Weight: 2 oz. 10 Biscuits per bag.

Your organic dog food is made to order FRESH everyday.

Made in USA, FDA Licensed, USDA Registered, Woman Owned


Imagine what 7 billion humans could accomplish if we all loved and respected each other. Imagine.


Organic beef and organic pumpkin. 

One Size Only. Net Weight: 2 oz.

10 Biscuits per bag.


No preparation required, ready to eat.

To use as a food topper - always rehydrate first.


A little goes a   L O N G   way with our dehydrated treats!

No need to give the whole biscuit.  Break off small bites – Even for BIG dogs!



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