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Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo by Dogs For The Earth - image of bottle of organic flea shampoo
Made in USA
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Barkin' Mad At Fleas Organic Dog Shampoo

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Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo is an organic essential oils and natural shampoo that work together to safely destroy all the fleas on your dog. 

This highly concentrated shampoo is designed to safely kill fleas without destroying your dogs fur or skin or the earth.  Fleas really only jump on your dog to feed, so this shampoo is best used in conjunction with our other Natural Flea Control Products which help safe guard your home, your pet's environment and while your pet is in areas you cannot control.

Barkin Mad at Fleas Organic Dog Shampoo is safe for your dog, safe for your home, safe for your yard, safe for the earth!

Net Weight: 4oz. 

Highly Concentrated 5:1

Made in the USA.



Organic eucalyptus, organic peppermint and organic neem essential oils.


Ready to use!


Shampooing with organic flea shampoo is a little different than regular bath time. Cover their whole body with the shampoo. Start at their neck to prevent fleas from running to their head. Leave shampoo on for 10 minutes. Do not allow shampoo to get into your dog's eyes.




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