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Dog sitting in a field 

What is the Best Dog Food?
Pure, Clean, Organic Ingredients Selected For Their Nutritional Impact and Antioxidants is the recipe for THE BEST DOG FOOD: Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats created the recipe. 

Some people call it luxury dog food or gourmet dog food because Dogs For The Earth Dog Food is made with USA, 100% organic People Quality ingredients. We call it healthy dog food. We list EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT in our food and you can see why we are The Best Dog Food. There are no additives, no chemicals and no processing - our food is an exception to the industrial standard Read more...

Organic Ingredients for The Best Dog Food at Dogs For The Earth

How long will it take to see improvement in my dog?
This is not a magic pill with instantaneous changes. Rather you’ll see gradual improvements. As our organic ingredients supply optimum nutrition and antioxidants, toxins are replaced with goodness and changes begin to appear. Some symptoms of improper nutrition and low quality ingredients such as itchy skin, tear stains and allergies can usually be seen after only 1 week and most allergy symptoms ease within a month and completely disappear soon afterwards.  But it all depends on the size of your dog, how long and serious the issues, how active your dog and it depends on you.

You are your dog's life source. You determine if your dog receives the very best quality ingredients. You determine if they eat regularly, safely and nutritionally. How strict you are in providing only our pure, clean dehydrated food and treats? One thing is certain, our delicious organic dog food and treats are pure, clean and beneficial and will make a healthy difference!

My dog is a picky eater, will he like Dogs For The Earth?
Our organic dehydrated dog food is great for picky eaters because people quality ingredients smell delicious. Tastes just like people food  - because it is - only our it’s made for dogs. Our recipe uses people quality food in a recipe that caters to dogs nutritional requirements. 

Dogs may not understand there are zero chemicals and additives, that there is no processing of ingredients but picky dogs can certainly SMELL & TASTE the difference. So when your picky dog picks us, they won’t be picky about their food anymore!  Read more...

 How much food is in each bag?

The Large Bag = Ten (10) 1/2 cup Biscuits

How much do I feed my dog?
We suggest you start feeding the same quantity of food you usually give with your current food.

Feeding guidelines are subjective to the individual dog's nature & weight. If you've got an active Yorkie or a couch potato Shih Tzu both weighing the same, feeding requirements will differ.  Visit our FEEDING GUIDELINES PAGE


Is Dogs For The Earth Dehydrated Dog Food a complete diet?

Yes! Our food is packed full of ORGANIC vitamins and minerals that occur naturally in the ingredients we use.  Since we do not process our food, we do not deplete what nature has provided. 

We’re proud to say, when dogs who have been eating our food exclusively have their annual blood panels done, they reflect optimum health.

I have a family budget, how can I feed your food? 

When it comes to our 100% Organic Dehydrated Dog Food and Treats, it doesn't have to be ALL or NOTHING! Our premium ingredients will add a nutritious BOOST to any diet. Find out HOW

How long will rehydrated food last?

Dogs For The Earth organic dog food (the BEST dog food may we add!) can be prepared in large batches up to 4 days ahead of time and stored in refrigerator until ready to serve. Our dog food is delicious and stays that way, so don't worry about keeping rehydrated food in your fridge... up to 4 days!

Can you help with my dogs tear stains?
Did you know tear stains are often symptoms of the wrong diet for your dog?  Secretions of dietary impurities often show up thru tear staining. Try giving your dog a pure, clean, organic diet - without commercially processed foods or treats - allow their system to detox and purify itself. Give it enough time for all their internal organs to cleanse and eliminate years of built up impurities. Depending on the level of toxins, you'll soon see bright, clear eyes with no staining. Often, a difference can be seen in as little as a week!  Read more...

Dogs For The Earth No More Teary Eyes

What if my dog is overweight? Can you help?
Lean organic meats without grains or starch or added carbs are essential when feeding overweight dogs. Packed with nutritional ingredients and high in antioxidants, our satisfying blend can energize, improve immunity, reduce inflammation and improve circulation.  All this goodness helps dogs get back on track to a long life of healthy activity.  Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food has healthy, clean and pure nutritious ingredients like lean meats, fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, chia seeds, kelp. Read all about it...

My dog has itchy skin, what is the problem?
Itchy skin is either caused from external environmental factors or internal, nutritional & dietary factors (sometimes both!). If your dog has itchy skin year round, regardless of the weather or pollen count, chances are the problem is coming from food. Our “Chelsea’s Blend” specifically addresses yeast and itchy skin problems.  It’s not a magic pill.  It’s a streamlined food with zero unnecessary ingredients. It’s a 100% organic, low glycemic blend of essential nutrition that will help balance the flora in your dog’s system.  So relief comes gradually and naturally. To find out how it works and why ... Read more...

Aromatherapy for dogs? What do you mean?

Aromatherapy essential oils help balance your dog's emotional well-being, in just minutes your dog can be relaxed and calm, yet naturally and organically without medication! 

 Our 100% Organic oils blended in specific combinations to address common emotional and nervous issues shared by many dogs.  The beauty of our Aromatherapy for Dogs is that it can be used all around the home, and used by all family members ...Visit our Aromatherapy for Dogs Pages and see how you can help your dog the natural way!