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❤️ Love in a Box ❤️ Treats
Made in USA
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❤️ Love in a Box ❤️ Treats

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L I M I T E D    E D I T I O N

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Limited Quantities

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Available while supplies last or Until December Midnight Sunday December 13th 

CONTENTS: 3 Bags of Organic Dehydrated Treats
1 Bag Turducken & Cranberries
1 Bag Beef & Pumpkin
1 Bag Chicken & Pumpkin
100% Pure Muscle Meat from Sustainable, Ethical & Humane Farmers & Ranchers who follow Organic Pastured Standards topped off with a selection of healthy antioxidants.



Now, How many ❤️Love in a Box ❤️do you need?
(hummmmm... let's think about this.....)
  1. Your Dog
  2. Your Dog's Friends at The Park
  3. Your Best Friend's Dog
  4. Your Mother's Dog
  5. Your Neighbor's Dog
  6. Your Best Auntie's Dog
  7. Your Dogs Friends you say hello to on your walk
  8. Your Dog Sitter's Dog ....


Turducken and Cranberries Treats
Organic turkey, organic duck, organic chicken organic cranberries
10 Biscuits


Beef & Pumpkin Organic beef, organic pumpkin 10 Biscuits

Chicken & Pumpkin
10 Biscuits



Break off tiny bites - even for big dogs. Do not overfeed dehydrated treats.

As a Food Topper or Snack

Crumble, Add Hot Water wait until soft and mushy and Serve


A small piece of a Treat Biscuit is a single serving and should not be given in excess.




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