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***Made to order with 100% Organic, Human Grade Ingredients ***Don't Forget the TREATS😍

Don't Bite Me Spritzer Organic Essential Oil for Dogs by Dogs For The Earth
Made in USA
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Don't Bite Me Organic Essential Oil Spritzer for Dogs

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Dogs For The Earth Aromatherapy Essential Oil Spritzers contain 100% Organic Essential Oils. Don't Bit Me Organic Essential Oil Spritzer is an organic essential oil combined to create the ultimate flea retardant.  Smells great to all of us yet is repugnant to fleas.  Spritz a little on Fido before his walk and relax! 

Each formula is carefully designed to be safe and effective for you and your dog. Safe for you and your pet’s environment: spray freely onto their bedding, in the car, on your sheets, as your own body perfume, as an air freshener: use anytime and anywhere you wish to induce the special properties of each formula.

This is an excellent product to use before going on walks or entering areas where you can not personally control the flea situation and fleas do not like the smell.  Always keep the spritzer in a cool dark place as bright light and heat will begin to break down the natural properties of the effective oils.

Mosquitoes, lice, fleas, moths, ticks and many more insects are offended by this combination of organic essential oils, one of our most popular spritzers and used in woodlands, lakeside, beaches and backyards all over the country. Don't Bite Me Spritzer by Dogs For The Earth is highly antibacterial, anti-parasitic and calming at the same time. This is ultra-protection for the whole family. Yes, ORGANIC! Always!

See all our natural, organic and earth friendly flea control products, with this Go Natural Kit you'll be able to fight fleas safely and naturally on every level: contains Diatomaceous Earth Ground Cover, Barkin' Mad at Fleas Shampoo, Don't Bite Me Spritzer and a flea comb.

Net Weight: 8oz.

Made in the USA.


Organic cloves, organic catnip, organic thyme, organic lemon and organic citronella essential oils, mixed with water and alcohol.


Ready to use! Always shake the bottle first to ensure the natural oils are well dispersed. 


Always shake the bottle first to ensure the natural oils are well dispersed.  Spritz the oils into the palms of your hand - never directly onto your dog.  Pat your dog's chest, legs and under belly.  Rub lightly over your dogs back and head.  The scent of oils smell much stronger to your dog so do not over saturate.

Do not get essential oils near or in the eyes. If essential oils accidentally get into the eyes or sensitive areas, flush the area with water or sterile saline solution until the area is clear. If water is not helping, try a bit of milk which will help to absorb the essential oil residue.

The powerful nose of a dog can be an advantage in natural aromatherapy. A dogs’ nose is amazing, over 300 million receptors, compared to our 5 million! It’s important to remember even a tiny bit of spray landing on your dog’s nose will be unpleasantly strong and you run the risk of getting it in their eyes.

Never apply essential oils directly on your dog’s muzzle area, inside nostrils, ears or mouth, and genital areas. So spritz into your palms and pat onto your dog…. Ahhhh…

If your dog has a coughing or breathing issue due to the aromas, remove the animal from the area and, if symptoms persist or get worse, contact your veterinarian.

Never use essential oils on or near cats.




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