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What's In Your Dog Food? Is It Safe? Dangerous Dog Food Ingredients.

Posted on July 29, 2017

yorkie dogs for the earth

Wondering about your dog food ingredients?

Test your knowledge.

chicken meal is toxic for dogs - unsafe food for dogs -


Consists of heating, grinding and extracting which removes nutritional content.

Much less expensive and less digestible than chicken (muscle meat)

Nonspecific, questionable content: Could contain all skin or just heads or only carcass or feet. Can even contain a small amount of chicken feathers.

Questionable quality. Can be from any source: dead, diseased disabled or dying before slaughter.

Strong unpalatable odor.

Why not list the actual content? If it says Chicken meal – they are hiding the actual ingredients. You probably do not want to know the details!

 pearled barley is toxic for dogs - oatmeal causes allergies in dogs - unsafe food for dogs


Cheap bulk fillers with little nutritional value to dogs. Much cheaper than using real muscle meat and vegetables.

Not species appropriate. Difficult to digest and can contribute to GI System damage and complications. Can cause vomiting and diarrhea.

Known Allergens: Can cause itchy skin, rashes, hot spots, eye discharge, hair loss, stinky skin & ears. A source of Yeast Imbalance.

Allergy symptoms often develop in dogs because of lack of variety and excessive allergen content.

 rice is toxic for dogs - unsafe foods for dogs - rice causes allergies in dogs


Very cheap bulk fillers with little nutritional value.  Much cheaper than using real muscle meat and fruits and vegetables.

Pro-inflammatory and dangerous for dogs with sensitive GI Systems.  Repeated use can damage GI systems, cause allergic reactions and lead to Yeast Imbalance and tear stains.

FDA warns of high arsenic loads in white rice.

 millet is unsafe for dogs - millet is toxic for dogs - millet is difficult to digest for dogs - millet is for the birds


Very risky. Cheap bulk filler and binder with little nutrition.

Comes from an ancient group of small seeded grasses usually used in bird seed. Yep! Millet is for the birds!

Contains Goitrogens. Suppresses thyroid activity and can cause hypothyroidism.

Also causes: Depression, fatigue, hair loss, difficulty in losing weight.

menhaden fish oil used for paint - menhaden fish oil toxic for dogs 


Common source of dog food fish meal, used as a cheap bulk filler.

Made from Fish not good enough for human consumption.

Consists of heating, grinding and extracting which removes nutritional content.

Harvested for oil for paints, soaps and lubricants. The by-product is sold for fish meal.

Strong smell used to cover chemical and chicken meal odors.

The Meal consists of the leftovers, but what parts? Anytime “meal” is used the ingredients are intentionally vague. You probably do not want to know the details.

 monocalcium phosphate is toxic for dogs - monocalcium phosphate is unsafe for dogs


An inorganic, chemical compound.  Highly toxic to liver and lungs.

Commonly found in fertilizers.

Causes rapid weight gain. Originally created in a lab for pig farmers to add to feed to fatten pigs before slaughter.

 sodium selenite is toxic for dogs - sodium selenite is dangerous for dogs - sodium selenite is unsaafe for dogs


Classified as a dangerous: Carcinogenic, Genotoxic – Contributes to reproductive and developmental problems

Highly toxic for the environment

Common symptoms include: stomach disorders, GI system damage, nervousness, damage to liver and spleen, onset of diabetes, cancer.

 added vitamins are synthetic chemicals toxic for dogs - added vitamins are synthetic chemicals unsafe for dogs


Whenever you see Added Vitamins & Minerals they are NOT real food.

Synthesized chemicals.

Very dangerous with zero quality control. Processed ingredients can include ammonia, formaldehyde, cyanide and other chemicals.

Long Term health complications include liver damage, hepatoxicity, antagonism to natural vitamins, hair loss, skin problems, eyesight issues and much more.

How much VALUE is in processed food?

unsafe dog food - dog food kibble is unsafe - dog food kibble - dry dog food -

A big bag of dog food appears to cost less.  But what's inside?  

1.  Bulk Fillers provide nothing for your dog

2.  Bulk Fillers come with hidden health hazards and side effects.

You discover, you are actually paying a very high price indeed.

Compare our ingredients list to yours. 
Incomparable quality, taste & benefits. 
dogs for the earth organic dog food - best dog food - healthy dog food - grain free dog food


We believe in being transparent.

We believe in using real human grade food in a combination that’s nutritious for dogs.
No destructive processing
NO need for additives 


Our Cha Cha Chicken Organic Dehydrated Dog Food Ingredients 

Organic chicken muscle meat, organic spinach, organic green beans, organic broccoli, organic pumpkin, organic carrots, organic squash, organic blueberries, organic bananas, organic apples, organic celery, organic ground flax, organic chia seeds, organic kelp powder and organic parsley.

Looks like a healthy grocery list, doesn’t it?


Want to know how much your dog will eat of our food? 


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