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Dog Food Allergies and Elimination Testing Made Easy

Posted on January 11, 2020

My dog has food allergies - elimination testing - organic dog food - dogs for the earth

Allergies have 2 possible sources: Nutritional or Environmental or a combination of both.

This is about nutritional allergies, specifically, how certain foods can cause reactions in your dog.


Allergic symptoms can mimic many other complications.

That's why "allergies" are usually the last thing suggested by many vets.


Common symptoms of allergies:

Constant Itching & Scratching
Itchy Rear End
Joint inflammation/ limping
Gastrointestinal Problems
Chronic Diarrhea
Chronic Gas
Foul Breath
Chronic Ear Infection
Hot Spots and Rashes


Many foods have been reported as common causes of allergic reactions in dogs.
Wheat is the most common especially GMO
Corn especially GMO
Soy and Soy Products especially GMO
Milk and Dairy


The most common form of allergy testing is The Elimination Diet

Eliminate all food the dog has been eating and introduce a novel protein.

Start with something never eaten before.

When the dog improves, many suggest to gradually re-introduce old food to see when the problem develops again.


Often, little attention is given to the the back story of the ingredients. The back story determines the quality.


The quality of some Industrial dog food manufactures' ingredients sometimes cause allergic reactions in sensitive dogs.

Sensitive dogs can have many allergy triggers.

Many allergy triggers are in the back story and passed UP the food chain:

FDA approved farm animal medications

Euthanasia drugs such as phenobarbital and sulfonamides

rendered and low quality protein

modern bulk fillers





Some dogs are sensitive to fungus and bacteria in grain, soy, by-products and "meal" of little description.

Other dogs may show allergic reactions to synthetic vitamins, flavor enhancers, dyes and bio-chemical amino acids.

Particularly noticeable are reactions to processing emulsifiers, industrial preservatives and heat & extrusion related carcinogens created during processing. 



The NEW Elimination Diet eliminates industrial grade ingredients, Permanently.
The NEW elimination diet starts by eliminating industrially manufactured dog foods where there is no accountability for the back story in the food chain.
The NEW elimination diet is pure clean food without any known allergens usually hidden in the back story..  

Many long term allergy sufferers are amazed to find out, it wasn’t really the Chicken or Beef  in their dog food.

The allergic reaction was from additives used in the chicken feed that was passed into the chicken or from the synthetic flavor enhancers in the kibble or some other toxic ingredient lost in the industrial food chain.


Dogs For The Earth Organic Dehydrated Dog Food helps eliminate many itchy scratchy licky all the time problems.  

100% Organic human grade ingredients come from farmers & ranchers who use sustainable, ethical, humane methods and organic pastured practices.

Every ingredient is real food, pure food without additives, chemicals and synthetics.



If you can't buy EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT in your dog's food from the grocery store or farmer's market, it probably isn't real food. 


Give your dog a chance of an itch free life and change their diet today.



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Wondering about The Back Story of our ingredients? Read all about them here.


If your dog is suffering from the symptoms below, there may be a yeast imbalance.


If your dog has symptoms of Yeast Imbalance our low glycemic dog food is best.


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